A Hard Drive’s Gonna Fail

Friends, Investors, Dylan fans,

Last week, without prior indication of any trouble, my hard drive passed out in the middle of it’s virtual bathroom floor and quickly passed on to the great MacBook hereafter. It was a trying time, particularly since I had to brave going to the Providence Place Mall to have the old gal serviced.

I had intended to make a post discussing my “New Year’s Intention” to try, when possible to buy any new clothing and shoes from companies that manufacture in the US. Bottom line, I am trying to cut out the purchase of cheap, shitty, China-made goods. This is, obviously, difficult and expensive. But, as an American garment worker, I do owe it to all other US garment workers. To give my dollar otherwise is unjustifiable and undermines my own hard work. I was slowly compiling a reference list, but all that has been blipped into oblivion and I’m too busy hunting don’t cherished digital momentos to recompile. If you are interested, there are many good and not-so-good lists to help you, A Continuous Lean’s The American List being a very particular but well-made example.

I did make good on a 2006 desire: polar bear swimming! That is, when you and the guys pull up your swim trunks with the intended result of wading around in the January waters of the Northeastern US Atlantic. Or, any where it is pretty cold. It’s also a good excuse to drink a flask of whiskey or bourbon in public and to act as if you have accomplished something pretty profound.

Here I am warming up by jogging in place for a few minutes:

And here’s Mike warming up by smoking another cigarette:

Here we are, running into the water on January 10th:

Here we are, immediately running out of the water:

And here I am, running up the beach to the car. Note the snow in the background:


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