Factory Tour

It’s been a pretty unproductive week so far. I dyed my hair black for the first time since I was 20. I watched “Wordplay” with Dave and Jess and Mike. I peeped former high school classmates on Facebook. I got a little tipsy and fell down in the icy driveway, twice.

Tonight was a modest exception as I was able glue up a small handful of goodies using the spoils of today’s supply shop trip. I finally made some Liz Novak merit badges! All threats come true, friends!

Half merit badge, half man-brooch. I was reading something on the rising popularity of dandyism among our young men and decided to buy-in. Some samples:

(for your favorite ABC fan!)

(I’ve got nowhere to go
Just hang out on the street
My folks say I’ve got no ambition
At least I give a shit
About the stuff I eat
Yeah! I care about nutrition)

(Boner jokes welcomed.)

(oh boy! horse sandwiches!)

The charms came from a great lot of unused 4 H merit pins that I found today. Oh god, I love merit pins but I REALLY love these merit pins. I love them. I love them. I love them.

Then I decided to take some photos around the studio:

The plastic tube of trees are from Dr. dam Sorrow as a 26th birthday gift. They stay in the tube. Woe be to he who removes them. Also visible is one of my most priziest possessions. Guess what it is!

Teeny Beehouse tea pot, a 24th birthday gift from Dave.

My 26th birthday present from Dave, an old-school steel filing cabinet left behind in one of the warehouses down the street. Also, a great display unit for my travel-related magnet collection. Check that sick “Kennywood” magnet!

I didn’t realize what a mess I had on my hands until I saw it all digitized and flattened!

with fun posters by Dan, Meg, and Xander!

my new bratty hobby is scribbling power-lines into bucolic scenes.

dave’s show posters of yore, my old sewing notion collection, rad pac-man sticker from Jake. find the two dudes pissin’ on each other!

my new Kalakala post card!

When I first saw the Kalakala, she was in Lake Washington in Seattle, looking like this:

but way worse and surrounded by overgrown underbrush from the shore. My imagination fell in love, el you vee!

my “Bestie” award keeps me company through all those long nights of ironing.

“Butt” “Jesus” and  photo pin of my dad when he was but a teenage marine. Pretty much sez it all.


2 thoughts on “Factory Tour

  1. girlwithamoped says:

    wow, it’s always great to see what the creative people whose stuff you covet’s coveted stuff looks like.

    i’m glad you closed up on those trees. i thought it was a bong.

    • royalnonesuch says:

      A few years ago, my housemates and i discovered, via a 2007 calendar, that you can deftly insert a bong into any Norman Rockwell print and have it be absolutely hilarious.

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