Dignity to the Clip-on

Two weeks ago, I was very suddenly  invited to a birthday get together for my wonderful pal, Randy. Suddenly meaning, like, less than 12 hours. Randy’s sense of style is pretty impeccable and brother knows how to wear a bow tie like no one else in town. Considering that I had 4 hours between getting out of work and party time, what better time than to develop a new pattern that I had been mulling through my brain in a Nikola Tesla-type fashion; I had drafted and redrafted clip-on bow tie patterns until I knew I had a winner yet no physical proof of it existed. Luckily, I am a genius and I churned out 4 prototype bow ties and still had enough time to pin my hair up.

Also, I’ve been working on a thing that resembles a personal portfolio-type site:

I’d consider it a “soft opening” except I’m kinda grossed out by that phrase.


One thought on “Dignity to the Clip-on

  1. fuchsia says:

    oh man, i LOVE these! the orange-y plaid is particularly awesome.

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