Having gotten things done.

A few weeks late, but the Kafe Lila show is finally up for at least the next month. A party was had, crispy rice squares and Tang was consumed. Some rad folks bought stuff. All around, pretty good. As you can see in the photo, the Unwelcome Signs were a good fit for the setting. There is a nice flow between what is the Kafe, what are my pieces, and what are Nora’s pieces. They all run together to make a modest but ultimately successful installation. Here are some more shots.

I hemmed and hawed for a long time over what to include as an artist statement: the most reviled part of any art show. They made us write them in college and I never really understood what directly outlining intent and process really added towards making something more interesting or successful. Or, more brattily, if I wanted to write stuff, I would have been a writer! So, in addition to the cross stitches, I added the statement: “Is privacy so old fashioned?” Everything is very simple and straightforward. I don’t think that anything is lost by not adding that all lettering was taken from 18ooth century American samplers or that in my increasing age, I find myself becoming even more private and defensive of myself and those around me.

I also added God Shave the Queen but neglected to add a price to it. Not that I would be adverse to selling it, but I would like to keep it around for a little bit longer.

I also hung a bunch of With Care jewelry for the show. This is in addition to the couple stuffs that I already was selling there so, really, that corner of the Kafe is really just becoming like the Liz Novak Accessory Boutique. All the gear from the internet and some special pieces that are available only in glorious Pawtucket, RI: Cradle of American Industrial Revolution!

And since there were no photos from the opening, here is my friend Matt, kindly pretending to be thinking deep thoughts:

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2 thoughts on “Having gotten things done.

  1. jean c. says:

    I missed it! but now I am back so will go check it out! and hopefully see you soon????!!!

    psyched to be back in RI. love love!

  2. jean c. says:

    (missed the opening, rather…)

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