Thursday night, I took a short jaunt to Savers: Where Savings Live, to try and quiet my mind over just how I was going to make a display unit for Queen of Hearts, the boutique conveniently located directly beneath where I work. While rummaging around, stacking things on top of each other, and then stepping away to see how they looked, I came across a whole card of West German trim for what I thought was 99 cents (my finger was over the $6 part. dang.)

Too perfect, yes? And in my favorite “holiday” colors.

Ah, but then, during Saturday morning’s class, we were touring through Chateau-sur-Mer: the Most Romantic Place on Earth, Maybe, If You Are Into That Kind Of Thing

(this photo fails to show the ridiculous weeping beech trees and other romantic landscaping foppery but does really preserve the monumental feeling of the place.)

And ha! Look at this ceiling by William Morris:

Plus this beautiful wallpaper and yes, “tut” to me for using a flash on priceless cultural accoutrement!

Respectfully “museum lit” is this border paper in gold and blue:

Close up of the lower paper:

And for good measure:

Would you like to see the National Historic Landmark nomination for Chateau-sur-Mer? Of course you would! Get comfy, it’s 20 thrilling pages.


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