Somebody Look at Me

Etsy is being such a beast today!
Normally, this would be no thing. If anything, it should be a great and justified reason to put off until tomorrow what I can do today. But, rats! Last night I fell into a fever of cuff link making and I really, really want to list the results! This doesn’t even cover the trouble we experienced at work today. Since the majority of our clients access us through etsy, missing a day’s worth of orders is an expensive glitch in the system.

And you do know what I do for work, right?

Yes. I sit around in my underpinnings and sew bunny-heads onto the boobs of dresses.

Since I can’t post up my baller cuff link collection to the great-store-in-the-ether, I will regale you with some sneak photos of the up and coming.

I can’t decided between the “Swine” and the “Speaking” links as being my favorite. Both are sweetly underhanded as far as compliments go. I can only hope that someone buys a pair for Father’s Day and gifts them to their asshole dad.

And since I’m direly in need of attention from the internet today, here are some photos of a very small section of my button collection. I have many grandmothers worth of buttons. I think that the “grandmother” should be the official unit of measurement for button collections. Anyhow, let’s look at the pretty colors!



2 thoughts on “Somebody Look at Me

  1. Megan says:

    I am obsessed with those swine cufflinks. If only I had some oxford shirts.

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