I’m not the best photographer and I’m surely not the most social creature out there. So that’s why I spent my Friday night of Memorial Weekend 2010 watching Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle* and re-shooting some photos of necklaces. Next up: learning how to actually use Photoshop to my advantage and designing a promotional postcard.

Photos or it didn’t happen!

Unrelated, here’s a cute little studio helper that I picked up for a buck at the neighborhood yard sale last weekend. I still can’t tell if it’s a fox or a cat.

Special big ups to the “Reagan Country” mug in the background. Hep PVDers might recognize it as the former tea spoon holder from the former Taqueria.

Of course, I also amused myself by taking some Photo Booth pictures. “Vogue Hands” are my new self-portrait guilty pleasure.

*And as a born and bred Jersey Girl, I do know that there is actually a White Castle on Rt. 3, just mere minutes from Hoboken, NJ

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