Style Week is Serious Business

Style This!

Dave and I agree that style is serious business. Wednesday night was a big, regional fashion show for I’m Your Present for the newly minted “Providence Style Week”. There were hair cuts, there were shoes, there were apple-tinis. It was super exciting to see our clothes marching down the runway. I wish that I could post some photos here, but the flickr has them protected so you must just follow this glamorous text-based link:

This link!

In addition to that, my folks were in town this week. They helped me rip up things around my garden, making it at least 50% larger, and they patiently watched me graduate. Yeah! Graduate. More like a mini-graduation, since it as only a certificate program but I am just as proud of it as my undergrad degree. Plus, “Historic Preservation” sounds way more interesting, impressive and serious than “Visual Art”.

No pictures, but as a parting gift, RISD gave at 81 Continuing Ed. grads a voucher for free business cards from A seriously nice gift. I heard that one graduating class got a sit-upon a few years ago. I think we really got a way better deal. But now I have to design those. And postcards.

“Nothing you begin ever ends. It just waits for you to start again.”

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