Business Cards Are Also Serious Business

I may have mentioned that, as a graduation gift, RISD extended a present of 50 custom MOO business cards to each CE grad. Which is seriously lovely and useful gift, certainly better than a 10% off coupon for the school gift shop. Part of the gift was also to highlight the new MOO US facility that is in, of all places beautiful and bike-accessible: East Providence, RI! PVD has been trying to retrofit itself as hub for the (often fun) crux where information, design, and technology meet. I like this further proof that old warehouses can be used for more than trendy lofts.


As a gift to myself, I allowed myself to be bewitched by a copy of Taschen Book’s Type. A Visual History of Typefaces & Graphic Styles, 1628-1900

It was peering at me from Symposium Book’s front window and I was suddenly struck by Agent Cooper telling me that his secret is to treat himself to one special thing everyday; not to think about it but just to indulge. It didn’t hurt that it was being sold almost 50% off the cover price, too.


The book came with a code for accessing over 1000 scans of images in the Taschen archives. After quick perusal, I modified a few of the motifs into mock business cards, but was most pleased with this one:

I think it is a good 2.17″x 3.31″ representation of myself, yes? The back lists that I am an artist, seamstress, and history student. And contact info, ‘natch. I was going to add a personal quote, but decided that would have been too Alan Shawn Feinstein of me.

“To better the life of one person is to better the world for all peoples and persons for their lives.” ASF

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One thought on “Business Cards Are Also Serious Business

  1. Tink says:

    Jeez! I am really enjoying getting to know you, Liz! See ya’, Tink

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