New Options in Commercial Particpation!

Oh boy!
Did I announce that WITH CARE has bounded out of the virtual world and into the real one (just like on that old Halloween episode of The Simpsons, where Homer ends up in a real-life erotic cake shop!).

Delightful and fairly priced goods are now available to those in the greater-Providence area at 2 incredibly-charming locations!

1. Queen of Hearts
222 Westminster St., PVD, RI 02903

My display is right behind the I’m Your Present rack with all of the great sun glasses topping it! QoH has no small list of covet-able goods plus they offer alterations clothing on purchases, just like in the olden days of shopping. The store is new and clean but so comfortable and friendly. Not at all the snooty boutique experience that keeps me from shopping at snooty, minimalist boutiques. Everything looks so good and very “Providence” but without all of the contrived, purposeful amateurism that radiated outwards after the collapsing of Fort Thunder and made an impression on every SVA and RISD sophmore’s hand-silk screened comic/zine/noiseband/t-shirt series. And thank goodness for that.

Here is a photo that owner Karen Beebe took of the clip-on bow ties and hair ties:

2. Rocket to Mars
144 Broadway, PVD RI 02903

Rocket to Mars is one of my favorite vintage stores in, possibly, the whole of the US of A. It’s way more colorful and fun than any stuffy antique co-op, the stock rotates frequently, everything is priced so well (I can’t stress this one enough in this day and age of other certain New England vintage stores selling “Vintage 1997 Baby-doll dress from Caldor’s, NWTs!”) and the quality is superb! Not only that, but the place always smells like my old, spinster aunts’ house and the record collection behind the cash register makes me want to punch myself in face. It’s the best of the hip, retro shops in Seattle that my cousin took me to in the early 1990s (thus forming/deforming most of my idea of what “hip” is) mashed with the second-hand junk, retro, and punk stores in Baltimore that I would drag my mom through at the other end of the 1990s.

I have died. This is (blue) heaven.

Regardless! I made few special items for R2M, all culled from vintage goods. Check them out in the display case that lines the side of the store. They are right by my favorite area: the vintage eyeglass section.

Oh! And they do a monthly dressed window. This is last November’s Thanksgiving Day Disaster window, but I also have fond memories of Xmas 2009’s Drunken Santa window.

I know that I am going all loopy and hearts-for-eyes over these two places and that it might seem a little disingenuous since they both carry my works, but I stand 100% behind these two rad-lady-run local businesses that do so, so much to make Providence a place where I love to live and they deserve every nice bit of everything.

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