Signs of Grown-Up-ery

Full disclosure: my studio is really hot. I hate being hot. So I haven’t done sweet eff all in my studio in weeks.
Instead, I putter around in my garden like a retired grandpa from the Azores.

Ah. My Garden. Let me show it to you:

Those snaps were taken almost a month ago. It looks so teensy and empty! The whole sunny side looks so different, especially since we’ve had so much sun over the last week.

Here is my first pull from the garden, which was last week. This doesn’t count the few leaves of lettuce, mizuna, and the radishes that have come out here and there. There have also been multiple collard green harvests. I do need to take a picture of this week’s spoils: more beans and collards, some early yellow tomatoes and an anaheim pepper. And cucumbers. I have a virtual children’s army of tiny, young cukes waiting to be made into salad or pickled or plopped into a Hendricks and tonic.


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