Meg Turner Gets it Done

"Talk of the Town" by Meg Turner

My pal Meg just finished her great, new portfolio site! On the off chance that you are reading this and not a mutual friend of ours who has already seen it, you should do so right now!

Meg is a valued friend of mine and surely you’ve seen her face turn up in contributions to the interweb. Her love for old building and industrial zones coupled with her love of exploration and experience are unmatched by pretty much no other person that I know and I think that this really comes through in her work. On her site, she provides a very appropriate amount of context for each image. Never too much, she’s an artist, not a writer, damnit! And what an artist she is. I have so many of her pieces that my house is like the M. Turner Print Library. And I don’t mind that one bit.

I’m sure she would also like you to know that she is an avid and incredibly fast cyclist.


2 thoughts on “Meg Turner Gets it Done

  1. meg says:

    Thanks Liz!
    that means alot to me, from another maker of beautiful things. it was quite wonderful to have you join us in pittsburgh, glad to spend solid hours post-burrito land with you. you have a snarky humour and cool irony that is unparalleled!

    • royalnonesuch says:

      Thanks, Meg! I was glad to spend so much time with two people who I like so much and who are so very good looking.

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