Reading an Image

I feel very strongly that it is important to learn how to read and interpret an image.

For example:

1. Somedays, I am the on-looker who is saying, “My! What a clever world we live in! What joy!”

2. Somedays, I am the car that is thinking, “Oh my god. I don’t care how cute you are! Whatever I am doing is certainly more important.”

3. Somedays, I am the police officer who is smug with pride, “I am looking good by association. This cat is a blessing!”

4. Somedays, most days, I am the cat who sulking, “Sure, I had to cross the road in the middle of traffic when I could have stayed in my nice, dark alley but why can’t you assholes just leave and let me enjoy my big, fat, probably still-warm squirrel in the peace and quiet that I so fully deserve?”

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