Well Stocked.

Finally, some proof that I am doing something with my time other than complaining about the heat and buying old eye glass frames from the comfort of my air conditioned room:

Bow ties at Rocket to Mars

Cufflinks in the R2M display case

Rocket to Mars has this great, wall-long display case filled with about every treasure that I could ever want for under 30 bucks (for the most part).

Queen of Hearts is likewise stocked with new wares for the month.

I have my own, entire display rack!

And, just for your knowledge and mine, after leaving QoH, I turned the corner to find a street filled corner to corner with folding chairs. Here is what that looks like:


2 thoughts on “Well Stocked.

  1. meganwmoore says:

    Are those bow-tie necklaces?????

  2. royalnonesuch says:

    yesssssss! I need to make more to put online. I am so behind in keeping the real world and the internet on the same page.

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