Making a Spectacle.

It’s no secret that I hate summer.

But, I guess that it isn’t summer itself. Because vacation is great and the beach is great and ice cream and gardens and the sun setting at 9pm- all great. It’s just… the heat. Any robust hardiness that I have cultivated over the years just evaporates in the heat. And then there’s the humidity. At least it gives my ultra-fine, duck-fluff hair some shape.

So, on those hot, stifling summer days, I can’t help but seek the comfort of my window air conditioner in the bedroom. Sadly, this element isolation leads to social isolation and social isolation leads to the internet. And that leads to… buying eye glasses online.

Last year, Martin, my small dog, ate my prescription sun glasses. Like, not “chewed”.  “ATE”. But- I was able to find these, my dream specs, while I was shopping around for a new pair. I love them. I identify with them. THEY ARE ME. Is my favorite zine HEY! Four eyes! checking this out? Because 2010/2011 Ms. Specs-Appeal is right here, kids!!!!! The perfect blue. The perfect curve. So cool.

But, I know what can happen. Dogs will chew; butts will sit; cars will smash head first into intrepid girl cyclists. My love may be eternal, but my glasses will probably not last forever in this cruel world. So, why not make the most of cowering from the mid-day heat by searching for other pairs of Art Craft browlines on the internet?

And I did.

And, in the end, despite casting my net wide and the inevitable heart break of the amazing black and white, new condition frames that got away at the last second, I was able to net 2 pairs for under 10 bucks each.

Photographing glasses with lenses in them is difficult and photographing yourself with something that isn’t an iMac is a pretty funky process for yours truly. It was hard to make both of us look okay.

Anyhow, these are aluminum Art Crafts, same shape as my spirit glasses, but in a lovely copper finish. And they have these great little flowers etched into the corners and the arms. I like how the bolts for the arms have been integrated into the design.

Pair 2 are not Art Craft at all, but Bausch and Lomb. I’ve never had a pair with this shape which is subtle, but still different than what I am used to. Also, as fab as those cartoonish cat-eyes are, I think this is as outlandish as I will go. I just want to look like a pretty girl, not someone who’s desperate for attention, or- as I say- “given to acts of look-at-me-ism”.

This was more of an experiment. The arms on the glasses are in crap shape, but I have a feeling that snooping and proper questioning of my ever-obliging optometrist will yield some success.

Thank you for entertaining me in this blogging venture. I’m hard at work on WITH CARE business. Spending money with hopes of making money and all that. And making it look uniform, cool, and uniformly cool. We all know that money is cool, but isn’t being cool the coolest cool?

Here’s to a season of not being hot, just around the bend. (hurry! hurry!)

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