Last month, my pal, Alison, of High Hat Vintage, gifted me this really, really rad daily planner. It features an address book and is based on a system of To Do lists, not on dates. So much better for how I think about things: with a vague sense of time.

Oh yeah, did I mention that it looks super neato?

I don’t really like to be one of those bloggers who is all, “Look at all this cool stuff I have! I’m so cool and charming!” But I really like this thing and it’s different from any other planner that I’ve seen. Plus, it seems to fit in aesthetically with all the fall-is-coming gear I’ve been churning out. Branding, working on packaging, updating etsy, and taking photos are all hard, seemingly unending work. I spend an embarrassingly large amount of my time thinking about WITH CARE. It’s hard work, y’all! And how the crap do all those girls who take endless photos of themselves do it? I spent at least a half an hour in the bathroom trying to take photos of hair bows on my lovely dome and all I got was a heaping helping of humility!!! And a runny nose, because today, I feel kind of like crud. Bummer.

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2 thoughts on “Listless.

  1. jean c. says:

    ah the vague sense of time! let us live together in that world, my friend…..

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