Tiny Little Towns.

Tiny Town necklaces are now up in the shop!

Hurray! These guys are based on some similar pendent necklaces that I made for Queen of Hearts a while back. Each piece is unique and made from colorful illustrations cribbed from 1960s kids’ science books… except for the one that is made from this great, printed fabric that I have had tucked away for years. Some feature bows, some feature charms, and all of them have a great weigh to them, thanks to the ceramic cabs that I used.

I do love anything with power lines in it.

Other pendents will be put in the shop soon, too. Keep an eye open!

Men in space!

Also, remember how I have been hyper critical of the modern craft movement and packaging? Well, I have relented slightly and invested in some more uniform, more professional shipping options. With so many rings and little things, it can be kind of difficult to successfully ship them without some sort of box. So, $20 for the box of boxes, $1 for the 5 sheets of sticker paper, and gratis for the custom stamper have been a good investment, thus far.


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