Yo Critters.

Yeah, they claim Dopey Deschanel as their muse- a huge demerit as far as my taste goes (if we are going to talk bland/bang-wearing, 21st century, harmless woman-child muses well… at least Jenny Lewis used to be kind of chubby. So she gets my vote.) but the Fall 2010 collection from Dear Creatures is getting me all hot and bothered.

Like, this dress:

What are you guys trying to do to me? I want 10 so I can wear them for the rest of my life, please.

And this:

As soon as I cut those sorry looking toggle-loops off of there, I will wear it over the above dress and not even give a crap that they are hella redundant.

Please dudes, stop this.
Or at least prove that it was at least half ethically created so that I can considered buying one of each.


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