Show and Tell: 1960s Shipping Labels

On our way down to New Jersey, Dave and I stopped in Nyack, NY for some pizza, some peein’ and to mail a package. While there, we stopped at a pretty rad thrift store where I found a true mixed bag of postal ephemera. (We also bought masala milk chocolate and earl gray dark chocolate bars, but that’s something else, entirely!)

One buck!

I don’t know if this photo really shows off the super, duper, ultra saturation of these colors. They are red, white blue perfection.


7 thoughts on “Show and Tell: 1960s Shipping Labels

  1. Shilo says:

    Via air mail! I die!
    So jealous of your finds!

    • royalnonesuch says:

      The air mail stickers really are the stars of the show. I’m scared to violate their perfection by actually using them.

  2. Oh so so gorgeous! Always pays to take a trip slowly, so many treasures to be found all over the place!!

    Now, about that Earl Grey chocolate…!!!

    • royalnonesuch says:

      It was good, but not as good as some earl gray tea cookies that I once had. Short bread and earl gray is a winning flavor match.

  3. Jackson says:

    Awesome!! You are going to be able to make the best mail art 🙂

  4. […] cute “Via Air Mail” labels that I acquired over the summer? They were the belle of this post, for […]

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