Travel Tires Me.

Aye ye ye! Today at work, Kelly and I had one of those serendipitous moments of looking at each other and deciding, “We need to go to the jewelry supply store right now!” And whatever zephyr had wisped up the street and into our ears was so, so right. We found so many great, new things! By far, my fave take was more of these souvenir crests, as displayed on my book-of-lists (you don’t have one?):

But what was most exciting was where they were made for- some of my favorite places from present and past! Washington DC and Pennsylvania! Washington State and the Turtle Back Zoo. Now, this is where my mom busts out the Novak Family photo album and shows all y’all the photos of teeny, tiny Liz sitting atop the concrete turtle sculpture at the Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange, NJ. A certain childhood favorite haunt… as much as 4-year-olds can have “haunts”, that is.

As a transplant to southern New England, I’ve never been to Southwick’s Wild Animal Farm of Mendon, MA. but I’m sure it’s nice.

Same for Hawaii.

Did I mention how tiny they are?


2 thoughts on “Travel Tires Me.

  1. Shilo says:

    DIBS DIBS DIBS on something made with the Washington (state, not DC) one. A ring perhaps?

    I’m super serious. I want that bad. Should I send you an etsy convo to make it official?

    P.S. Advance dibs on any NY one you may locate at some point in the indeterminate future

    • royalnonesuch says:

      and thus you shall have! I have some lockets up, too. or earrings. I could also do earrings. Hit me up on the etsyspace and we can work it out, Miss Shilo!

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