Getting Real.

After hemming and hawing for, like, 6 months over a suitable post card design, I finally settled on one. I liked the WITH CARE label design, certainly enough to take their slogan as the name for my company but in print and other media it wasn’t very dynamic or descriptive. I don’t know if this new design hits those marks, but it comes a lot closer and it’s pretty versatile.

Front, but with rounded corners.

The back, as a real, usable post card.

And then I redid the shop banner. The old one was sized to fit the old etsy layout but since the site has undergone some redesign (for good or for naught), well, it was looking a little small and lackluster.

And then, Real News! I decided that it might be worth it to take out an ad. So now you can check my ad out on a blog called Lulu Letty. Maria is kind of like a one-woman Lula Magazine but on a reasonable budget (printed whimsy-porn ain’t cheap, y’all.)

So, I think you can tell where I’m going with this aesthetic. Hopefully I’ll appreciate it for some time to come. Any suggestions?

And, just so that this post is not void of any non-self indulgent cultural content, I’m currently watching these clips from the Joan Rivers show featuring Jennie Livingston, the director of one of mine and Dave’s favorite documentaries, Paris is Burning. During one of the clips, you get to see the insertion of the term “24/7” into the main stream lexicon! Thrills!


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