Show and Tell: Hey! Four Eyes!

Remember back when I was all talking about my love for eye glasses and my love for zines about eye glasses? Well, as I was doing that, I was also one tab over, buying up the other 2 copies of Hey! Four Eyes! that I lacked.

As you can see, all three are beautifully produced.  As much as I idealistically support the efforts of those who self publish, I’ve never been a real zinester. When it comes down to it, I usually just don’t want to hear you talk about your feelings, the bands you like, your experimental prose, or anything by Lisa Crystal Carver. Sorry, I guess.  But I put H4E up on the same shelf* as Mineshaft and Murder Can Be Fun. Well thought out, well executed, and all around GOOD.


*Literally. In the bathroom.


One thought on “Show and Tell: Hey! Four Eyes!

  1. […] features professionally set wood (actual wood!) veneer of, literally, many stripes. I love glasses and I am particularly enthused about these. Eye glass frames are probably my most expensive […]

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