Camera Dump.

Oh little blogland friends, I haven’t forgotten you. It’s not that I’m avoiding you and not answering your text messages on purpose. It’s not that I think you are kind of homely looking and don’t want the other cool kids on the internet to think that we are together. It’s just that I’ve been spending over a week being really self-indulgent and entitled to my privacy. Oh. And avoiding. I’ve been doing some of that. And spending. Let’s not forget that past time.

For example, I took these photo booth pictures while I really should have been working on a certain project that I was unable to complete because no one told me about the due date until after it had already passed. But I’m okay with this because, really, I wasn’t all that into making what I was making anyway. I can now put it off until next year and have some big fun more soon. Yay!

Other things that have been up:

  • Spent 3 nights in a row going out and hanging around the town with various friend-types, all of whom I was very happy to be seeing.
  • I got a raise at work. Yeah!
  • Joselynn and I took Martin the World’s Cutest Dog for his first ever swim on the most Indian of summer days.
  • I saw Uz Jsme Doma in a warehouse and SWANS in Boston.
  • I took a sweet, long, autumnal solo bike ride down the Narragansett Bay and  I saw some big ships! Big ships have been the theme of the past few weeks.

  • WITH CARE was featured in Etsy Finds… but they featured something that I was discontinuing. Dang.
  • Melissa came up for her yearly visit. We went to Newport to see fancy houses, fancy dresses, and more big ships. And thrifting and record shopping, of course!

  • Buying fancy make up and fancy shoes. I’m a grown-up!*
  • Still uploading CDs and mp3s from my big hard drive crash in January. We have too much music for human ears.

I also spent the last day all illed up and harsh-trippin’ on non-name brand nyquil but today I am feeling much better.

*No. See photos above.


3 thoughts on “Camera Dump.

  1. Tink says:

    Hey, Gal! You are awesome! These photos of the wonderful sunderful you are just great! Through the handles of a scissors, indeed… am trying to make a purchase of the last available key locket, and am symyied as my kid has highjacked my visa card number for his own paypal account, and I only have the one card. Paypal is not letting me use my card, and the kid has not texted me his paypal account info. yet. Can I BEG YOU to save the last available locket for poor pitiful me? Also, are “unwelcome” signs available for purchase? or have I waited too long?
    I have to say, checking in to your blog is just what I needed! I have been in SUCH a FUNK lately, but seeing your gorgeous face, and reading your commentary has somehow enabled me to turn a corner. There’s a big beautiful world out there, and you have turned the key to open a door for me. THANK YOU!!! Tink

  2. Melissa says:

    Thank you for having me! I hope we get to do the buffalo trip in the spring.

  3. Tink says:

    Now I remember! It’s the pix of you and the scissors that I was trying to remember when you were at the diner today! Hope you’re enjoying your Italian fest! Tink

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