Something for Nothing.

It’s a thing that you can totally get today.

This morning, I met up with my friend, Chelsea, for some pre-work apple cobbler gobbling. Her roommates had just moved out and left behind this enormous stack of Bitch and Bust magazines- now free for the taking. I was just wondering to myself over the weekend where I could get my paws on some Bitch back issues. Visualize success, kids.


And then, I stopped by a yard sale where the proprietress gave me this set of Czech glass Christmas ornaments for free- down from the price of 10 cents. Dig that graphic design!


This paves the way for the big event in free-ness: the WITH CARE/ Lulu Letty give away!

Blogstress Maria, of Lulu Letty, is giving away a free locket of my devising. All you have to do to win is hop over to this entry and leave a comment noting you favorite WITH CARE item and a way for her to contact you. One winner will be chosen at random. Contest ends Oct. 18t at 11pm est.


One thought on “Something for Nothing.

  1. ellinor says:

    You have a nice blog here. Love the top photo. Come visit me too, soon.


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