Guest Post!

Hey, dudes! Check out the great post that I did over at my long-time lady-friend’s rad food blog! It’s a salsa verde recipe. So, if you are from PVD and are still a little weepy about the Taqueria Pacifica closing, pay attention and ease your sorrows.

Did I mention that her blog has the best name for a foodie blog, hands down? “Foodie Can’t Fail”? Perfection. And you don’t need to know Megan personally to get vibed on her infectious enthusiasm for all things agricultural: just count how many times she uses the word “baller” as an adjective! What she doesn’t bring up is how she is also one of the most gracious, yet hilarious, folks in these here United States. She’s gone to NYU… twice! She sings, dances, and acts. Triple threat! She has better style than any fashion blogger and she keeps it real like it’s her job. Which it might be, considering all that time she spends involved with organic farming.


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