Visual Literacy: What Should I Be?

And astronaut? A robot? A hobo? A clown? Or an alien creature going out on the town?

Here are some of my ideas for genius Halloween costumes:

A Pretty Girl.

The Mysterious Abyss.


The Hostess with the Mostess.


A Hobbyist.

A Good Friend.

Someone with Too Much Money and Not Enough Taste.

Atomic Bomb Test Witness.

Polar Bear.

A Survivalist.

A Humorous Play of Proportions.

A Hot Body Contestant.

A Hot Body Contestant.


A Doomsday Prophet.

Your Inner Child.

A Critique on Childhood and Gender.

Stuff You Found in the Basement.

A Prayer Card.

A Byronic Heroine.

My Dream Girl.


2 thoughts on “Visual Literacy: What Should I Be?

  1. jean c. says:

    you know “your dream girl” is my first pick. check out also how the people at the fashion show that the prayer card is part of are clapping… but it looks like they are praying & genuflecting!

    I am gonna be showing some of my process work & talking about process & inspiration at a RISD class on Friday — for this occasion, I am accumulating a giant selection of photos of hand-drawn & other signage to talk about type & font finding. this will go up on tumblr! then pittsburgh photos! just in time for me to go back to new orleans, and take more photos there! I will no longer be a social photo web slacker!

  2. Shilo says:

    DREAM GIRL! DREAM GIRL! She rules so hard!

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