Shiny and New.

Currently working on some new newness for the store.

The first order was taking some new photos. I made the rather tentative first step towards formally showing my face on the internet by figuring out the timer on my camera and taking some photos of a Saturday-afternoon, unwashed, uncombed, be-lipsticked me wearing jewelry and stuff. Now you can see what things look like on a real, actual person. I’ll probably recruit some buddies of mine for modeling duty, too. Watch out if you ask to stay over. If the light is good, you will be put to work.

One thing that I did notice was that, damn, I make a lot of really unappealing faces!

But I also took the opportunity to make some purposefully funny faces, as well.

That is my, “F$%&# Yeah! Postcards finally came in from the printer’s!” face.

They make me feel so legit and like I know what I am doing.


4 thoughts on “Shiny and New.

  1. Jackson5 says:

    You’re hilarious. I love your silly pics 🙂 Your cards look nice too, super legit. I can’t wait until my business cards are done and I can hand them out like I’m for real, ha.

    • royalnonesuch says:

      Thank you. Sometimes I’m not sure if they are “silly” or “frighteningly close to real life.” Good luck with your business cards. My problem is that I hand all the nice ones out to my friends as soon as I get them and then only the old ones are left for more valuable, business-y interactions.

  2. Megan Moore says:

    Your postcards are amazing! Lemme get one?

    Also, I want to model your jewels.

    • royalnonesuch says:

      Yes! I will find your address and send you a post card… unless I can’t find your address… then maybe you could send it to me.

      And double yes! you should model jewels! How should we work this, other than me demanding your appearance in the Ocean State? However, an Ocean State vacation will include bikes, beaches, brunches, beers, big bath tubs, badass working fireplace, and a (b)little dog. As always, think about it.

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