Around the House.

Currently grooving on the glorious New England autumn. Can you believe there was a time in my life when I really disliked this part of the country? And that was before I had lived through an infamous cursed New England winter! It’s really hard to capture, but trust me when I say that the colors of the leaves give everything this really delicate glow.

And that there, kids, is the oldest tree in Norfolk County!


My neighborhood smells all earthy during the day and fire place-y at night. We even had to spark up our fireplace the other night when we discovered that the radiator wasn’t working. Whoops.

Inside the house, my studio is reaching some maximum decorating capacity. At least in one corner. A few years back, my friend Laura took some photos of Dave and I in our respective corners of the studio (my stuff has since over taken his corner. Only a few earnest show fliers remain.) Her artist statement can be read here. I can’t find an image of myself, but I we had just moved into the house and things had yet to develop those two or three layers of lived-in-ness that I think she was trying to capture. But don’t worry, folks! I’m steadily making up for it.

I made my own “Perennial Second Place” ribbon. I’ve accepted it as my position in life.


My Mom found this for me in a thrift store. Take it in, ‘zinesters.


One thought on “Around the House.

  1. Jackson5 says:

    Just lovely! That’s one of the things I miss about living in New England the most, the fall. Oh and I also love your 2nd place pin, hilarious. I too have come to that conclusion, ha ha.

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