Etsy and Gender.

Friends, not to be a rabble-rouser, but I’d like a little feedback on some feelings that I am having.

I often read popular blog A Continuous Lean. In fact, I think I once referenced it’s “American List” as a good resource for honest, American made clothing and other… things. But this recent post on shopping for vintage goods really rankled me. I mean, M. Williams himself has never come across as the kind of kindred soul whom I would dream of befriending. I understand he’s better than me because, you know, he has a dick and a bunch of stuff made from honest, American-made tin, and he fetishizes field-wear while living in NYC as an advertising agent. Yeah, yeah. I get that. My small, woman-brain has worked really, really hard and finally understands. So I guess I shouldn’t be thrown off that such blatant, and I try not to use this word lightly but… misogyny was finally the crux of one of his posts and that only one person seriously confronted him on it. Of course, that one uppity bitch wasn’t taken seriously*. I mean, god, where did she get off demanding that someone in the media try being responsible for their actions?

So yes, thoughts? Tin cups and the same flour sifter that my mom uses are inherently masculine, ya? And any woman buying items from a “man’s shop” on Etsy must be buying it for her husband, right? Or am I late to the party and this shit has already been blown up on Jezebel…? Halp!


*yes. I did respond with a pretty spineless suggestion early in the game. The gravity of the post didn’t really sink in with me until hours after I read it, particularly once I noticed that no one had really called homeboy out and the one person who did was pretty much told to go shove it and let the men do the thinking.

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