Hey 8 Eyes.

Hey! My pal Jenine was on Martha Stewart!

Granted, this happened a few weeks ago, but I wanted to wait on it until I could accompany it with a moment of fleeting vanity. You see, Jenine looked so wearing those safety glasses during her demo that I just had to look into getting a pair to wear for my every day tasks. $4.5o on Etsy and substantially more at Providence Optical– it’s new look time:

Plesant pimple hiding!

You might notice that while both her pair and my pair are wonderfully translucent, the hinges on mine are bolted in with what seems to be a “minus” sign while her’s are much more positive “plus” sign. Turns out that eye wear is indicative of your inner character after all.

Keep it classy, internet.

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One thought on “Hey 8 Eyes.

  1. […] guys are also B&L, but safety glass style. After seeing my friend Jenine wearing a pair on the Martha Stewart Show, I was in love. And, of course, being in love means buying every color possible (luckily, only two […]

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