Sock Problems?

Finally! My latest winter-y offering: Fancy Arrow Sock Garters!

Vintage, dead stock garters embellished with my favorite copper arrows and finished with a thin coat of resin!


Seriously, I am so into these! I’ve been wearing mine around the ankle of my slouch boots since Thanksgiving and they look so good!


What else have I been up to, besides making things and then gloating about them?

Eating cheeses and trying to sing like Alison Moyet from Yazoo; low and swooning and sulty.


One thought on “Sock Problems?

  1. jean c. says:

    !!!! upon reading this, I had to get out one of my favorite books, “Advertising the American Dream”, and look up this ad copy from 1928:


    — and he wonders why she said “NO!”

    Could he have read her thoughts he would not have lost her. A picture of neatness herself, she detested slovenliness. And not once, but many times, she had noticed his ungartered socks crumpling down around his shoe tops. To have to apologize to friends for a husband’s careless habits was too much to ask. So she had to say “NO” — and in spite of his pleading couldn’t tell him WHY.

    No SOX Appeal Without
    PARIS Garters
    No Metal Can Touch You
    25c. to $2
    Dress Well and Succeed.


    guys it’s time we take this garter thing seriously I think. (Liz, I will scan this for you!)

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