Dog Care.


Last night, our most precious little dog, Mr. Martin Denny- The Father of Exotica Music, became really lethargic and was acting as if he was in a lot of pain. In the morning, he was still in quite a state. Maybe you are unfamiliar, but I am totally ruled by my dog and can no longer pass judgment on folks who treat their pets like children (untrue. passing judgment is my favorite past time!)

So, after freaking, worrying, and an emergency trip to the vet (which served just as much to make us feel better as it did for the dog), it turned out that Martin has what appears to be a slipped disc in his tiny spine. It should get better over time and, frankly, he’s already disregarding his doctor’s orders of taking it easy for the next month. And I had better not catch him selling his pain meds to the other dogs in the neighborhood.

So, as kind of a super secret sale but also a way to take the edge off of his medical bills, I’m making up a WITH CARE coupon code that will take 9% off of you purchase; a dollar for every little dog pound! Just type in GETBETTERMARTIN when prompted during your check out and Etsy will take care of the rest.





One thought on “Dog Care.

  1. mom says:

    MARTIN !!!!! Stop scaring those who love you. Get better soon. xo

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