Gillian Gilbert.

I’ve noticed that a large part of the overwhelming fashion blog world involves the studious study of the “personal style” of other ladies.

I’ve also noticed that these ladies are, infrequently, at all very interesting. Or, as I note to people, “‘Muse’ is not a viable response to ‘Prior Employment'”. But! I have been kind of into searching around through both Got a Girl Crush and Tomboy Style. Both sites feature some good lookers of merit so I’ve decided to add my (so geeky*) suggestion to their ranks.

Ladies? Gents? Can we please give it up for Gillian Gilbert?

You probably have no idea that you know who she is but as the long-time keyboardist/guitarist/vocalist for New Order, her notes probably grace the aural space of your studio or bedroom or car at least once and again (although, we are on a pretty strict everyday schedule at work.)

There’s something so wonderfully understated about her style. She really works the “One-Of-The-Guys”/ “But-I’m-A-Girl” dichotomy. Or maybe I’ve just spent so much time in that space during my life that I’m really sensitive and receptive to it. It’s like you want to be taken seriously or are taken seriously but if you go too far into the femme, you risk becoming a token… and then sexualized… objectified… marginalized… and then it’s pretty much back to the beginning, eh?

I did a little searching, but could never find any evidence of GG talking about her thoughts her place and experiences in music as a lady. I’d love to hear them, if you come across any.


*guys! I am actually listening to an interview with post-punk authority Simon Reynolds RIGHT NOW!!!

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