This Weekend.

Everybody was working for Liz’s birthday weekend.

Friday night was trunk show fun* at Queen of Hearts.

*free wine and beer!


I didn’t even plan the part where all the wares were set up on an old Singer 301A, my favorite sewing model sewing machine ever! Karen also kept the Psychedelic Furs playing all night long. She must be some sort of super intuit-er.


Adam and Kelly are on the same wavelength.


The next day, that is, Saturday, was a super-rad-i-cooool studio sale at Andrew and Emmie’s house (fortuitously located just down the street from my own).

Yet another in the series of frustratingly cool dwellings of Providence, RI. Please note that it is not always wrapped in brown paper.


Muffy Brandt

Carole Ann Penney

Frequent commenter Jean Cozzens and Chuck Forsman, side by side.


Sadly, by the time the show was over, I was so over heated, stress’d, and tweaked on refined sugar from all the snacks. I really quickly grabbed my stuff and skipped out before I was able to buy anything. A real bummer; everything was so nice. I know that my buddies and local contemporaries are all talented misses and misters but sometimes it is nice to be reminded of it… en mass… in a warm, sweaty apartment… filled with a countless rotation of people… and babies… and kittens… each one tinier than the last.


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One thought on “This Weekend.

  1. […] Last year, I had a blast selling at this faboo studio sale that my friends put on but, it was a little like an art speakeasy. This year, we are coming above ground, working in conjunction with New Urban Arts, and expanding in pretty much every way possible. If you are in the Providence area, you should come on over and spend some quality commerce time with some of your favorite working artists. […]

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