Every year around the day before Christmas Eve, my mom and I take a trip to Point Pleasant, NJ to nose around their antique stores and buy ourselves presents… although… I mostly end up getting the presents.

I found this great, huge, red, white, and blue ribbon. When I took it out of the package, a little note reading 7/12/1939 fell out. (Also visible, my pine wood derby award that Dave found for me and a Dead Kennedykes button from my pal. I swear that I am not trying to hide a DK reference in my photos, although it is becoming a running gag.)

In keeping with the theme of that which is horizontal, I also bought some antique gold and navy corded braid.

French, unbleached woven lace made from flax.

I might actually like the card even more than the lace.

I can never pass up a good pair of scissors… and I have needed some little snips.

And last year’s spoil: a scrimshaw pendant brooch.


Andandand! For good holiday measure, this year’s cozy Christmas tree.


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