Good Intentions 1.

Remember last year how I made the “New Year’s Intention” to be more, um… intentional in my clothing purchases? Preferably, I would spend my cold, hard ones on American-made goods and ethically sourced this-and-that. And, well, it kind of worked. But in a backwards way. Instead of seeking out quality made goods, my resolution manifested itself in just plain-old not buying much new clothing at all. This year’s total comes to:

Shoes were a little more of a toss-up or, if cheesy jokes are your thing, a stumbling block. It’s difficult when a buddy opens a shoe store, y-know?

So, to round off this year of thought-out spending, I’ll pass on these two things:


A good question.


One thought on “Good Intentions 1.

  1. […] she was right, despite good moisturization being one of my top intentions of the year, I have really dropped the ball on that. In fact, my daily hygiene routine would probably make all […]

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