Good Intentions 2.

This year, I have a bevy of good intentions.

  • Hydration! Someone once old me that more people become dehydrated in the winter than in the summer and- in fact- most people are in a constant state of dehydration during the winter months. I can be too trusting, so I believe this. And! I refuse to be a statistic. And! If I needed further convincing, I need only look at the milky skin of certain Swedish fashion bloggers. Unreal. Have y’all ever even heard of pores?
  • Posture! I somewhat began this intention early last year but I’d like to increase it to include morning stretches and exercises. Not that my posture is awful, but I do have bouts of back pain. Also, this semester’s RISD Continuing Ed. catalog features a great picture of me looking stooped and saggy between its covers so, yeah, let’s do something about that.
  • Be better about talking about myself! This is a damn hard one. Which is a funny thing to write on a blog that is, primarily, to be about ones’ self. The older I get, the more I have this, I don’t know, weird, Catholic humility thing. Or maybe it’s a weird, woman humility thing. Is there a term for that? How women are discouraged from talking about their successes or positive attributes or, similarly, how women are encouraged to underplay the importance of their advances. Sure, taking a compliment can be hard (especially for someone as self-critical as myself) nut false modesty is just stupid and painful. That aside, I’m not a natural promoter. I’m not. I’m a good relater, but I’m not the effortless salesman that some folks I know are. So, I’m going to have to learn how to hustle. When I’m at a party and someone says to me, “Liz, do tell me just what fabulous things you have been up to. I am dying, DYING to know!” I must actively work to discourage myself from saying things like, “Oh. You know. Stuff.” This year, I am making it my goal to try pushing on the universe a little bit more and seeing if it pushes back favorably. Squeaky wheelness, here I come!

And, there are other things I want to do this year. Thinking about them seems over whelming and kind of like a crap shoot but hey, I like to cast my net wide. This year I’d like to improve my tailoring skills.I want to work on making a really, really nice Victorian morning jacket for my Beer Baron friend and also a nicely tailored hunting coat for myself. On the whole, I’d love to return to sewing the proper way and, something that has gotten very far away from me, enjoying sewing the proper way. I’d like to build up or purchase a better touring bicycle and then actually use it to ride far distances. I want lessons. Lessons in casting metal and how to be a better jewelry maker. Lessons in herbology. Run a personal apothecary out of my kitchen! I want to go more places and see more things! More beaches! The Fun Spot in NH! I want a tripod and maybe a wide angle lens for my camera so that I can take more pictures of buildings! I want to make a couple more quilts! I want to grow a stellar garden but to also learn how to grow a better terrarium. I kind of want to start running, but I’m super intimidated. I want to go on more outdoor adventures! I want to learn how to curl my hair! I want to be a better business person! I want to learn to play my theremin, finally! Oh god, I am made of wants!


So, happy 1-1-11. Can’t wait for 11-11-11. Here’s a very grainy picture of my New Year’s outfit from last night, pre-ironing.


3 thoughts on “Good Intentions 2.

  1. jean c. says:

    “internalized misogyny” ?? whatever you call it, I agree, it sucks! Liz I love you!! let’s go get a coffee… wait, I am gonna call you!

  2. Liina says:

    Came over to your blog from your comment on Clever Nettle. I like your blog & how you, for lack of a better term, keep it real =) I luv your ambitious list of wants & I gotta say, running sounds like the easiest thing on that list! & that’s so cool that you have a theremin.

  3. […] year, I had a long list of intentions to parade before you, the court. I think that I did a fair deal at tackling them. In fact, I even […]

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