Good Intentions 3.

Cause I forgot something.

  • Resilience! Youse doubtfully know this, but I am a hardcore frustration crier. These days, when the going gets hard, I weep like a spineless child; all snotty, spitty, and gurgling. It’s lame and useless and even counter productive. We all know that the relaxed mind is the best mind (Thx Mr. Angouli, 10th grade chemistry teacher. And thanks for letting Lauren and I put on a puppet show about Antoine Lavoisier that included a crowd scene of teeny, tiny angry villagers and a teeny, tiny puppet guillotine ) And I know that I need not be enslaved to my dire inability to “deal with it, dawg.” I know that resilience is as much a learned reaction as love, affection, and socialization- things that are supposed to be easy and natural for all people but rarely, rarely occur without a lesson or… many. For those, I looked other people as good example and was then able to better hone my emotional reactions. Likewise,  this is something that I can well control, I just have to learn to check myself, assess how I’m feeling,  understand why it’s dumb, and figure out how I can “keep it real”. Really, this entire paragraph was summed up decades before it was even written:

Don’t care what they may do
we got that attitude.
Hey, we got that PMA
Hey we got the PMA.

Thx, Bad Brains.

Other notes of note include my intention to eat less refined sugar because, I have noticed, that it makes me feel crazy. Like, I’m imploding and exploding at the same time. Crabby, nonsensical, and blame-y. Also, I would like to be more better about taking “before” pictures of projects. That step just never occurs to me. I guess I approach projects of betterment from sort of an organic angle… or at least an angle that doesn’t call out for the glory or appreciation of the internet. But, I would like to be able to participate in this “Project Restyle” club because, dang, most of those ideas ain’t half as good as mine (An example of 2011 Intention #3, I believe!)


You made it this far, here’s an inventory of all the stuff on my bedside table as of 1/1/11.

2 pairs eye glasses-Floyd: I am a 27 year old woman who sleeps with a stuffed animal- cough drops- 2 snot encrusted hankies- 1 dark blue Le Pen- heat pad made by Dave’s mom- 1 glass of water- 1 cup of tea (mug by Federal Glass)- Edge City: Life on the New Frontier by Joel Garreau– Johnny the Homicidal Maniac comics (not as good when you’re not 15 and “weird”)- 50s/60s era Girl Scout Handbook- Scanty Particulars by Rachel Holmes





One thought on “Good Intentions 3.

  1. […] Last year, I had a long list of intentions to parade before you, the court. I think that I did a fair deal at tackling them. In fact, I even went out today and bought a nice night cream. Because I care about hydration, fine lines, and wrinkles. I also kept up my PMA (except for when I didn’t) and I read all of the books on my nightstand as they appeared in this photo from 1/1/11. […]

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