Be Prepared.

Holy crap, friends. Winter: we are in it.

It’s so wintery today that I am sitting here, writing this, while drinking a big old mug of hot chocolate- intentions to consume less sugar be damned! Instead of working, I decided to finally, finally, finally take some photos of my old, 1950s Girl Scout Hand Book. Guys, it is so good and still really useful. In fact, I don’t remember my GS Handbook being as useful as this old gal. I referenced it the other day when I had to build a fire in the fireplace all by my lonesome. And it’s a great little buddy to have when it comes to other ruff’n’tumble skills, too: tying knots, rowing boats, making really complex marionettes and saving someone who has fallen through thin ice. It was very difficult to not scan every page with an image on it because the brush and ink drawings and diagrams are just too dang charming. If there is something specific you are looking for, give me a holler and I can try to pull it up for you.

So, here come a lot of images. Be prepared.


The end papers rule!

Editing mark-ups from the Journalism section.

And directorials for radio broadcasts!

How the UN/NWO (for those of you living in off the grid in Idaho) works.

I don’t think that I really need any more sewing-related tattoos in my life but, yes, this would make a pretty cool one.

Man. I love images of crossed keys.

See what I meant about the end papers?


7 thoughts on “Be Prepared.

  1. Melissa says:

    I want a t-shirt of the measuring girls and the badge

  2. obsessed. OBSESSED.


    Also, am i going to get a tattoo of that bibliophile badge?

  3. Jori says:

    I have my mom’s copy! Next time you’re over you can check it out and see her crazy 1950s little girl cursive, etc.

  4. Liina says:

    luv luv luv the Housekeeper badge!

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