Cornell University Textile Collection

Tonight at dinner, Dave and I overheard a couple talking about academia and applications. After a lot of contention over whether colleges are mainly businesses or institutions (I err towards the former and pray for the latter), the dude said, “I mean, for an Ivy League, Cornell is pretty weak.” And, because I am a hater, my black heart sang a choked, tinny song.

But! As if to prove me wrong, the fab blog Teenangster put up this post drawing my attention to the Cornell University Library’s textile collection. I love it when the academy goes Flickr. And, not surprisingly, I love this collection. Banners! Portraits! Embossing! Red! White! Blue! Patriotism and Protection?! God. I need to go to grad school.

“New Jersey’s Own Home Grown Tomato” Grover Cleveland. Famous quotes include: “Sensible and responsible women do not want to vote.”


Did you catch the part where the spirit of WASHINGTON IS EMBRACING LINCOLN IN HEAVEN!!!!!!?

I am actually squealing right now.

Two thumbs up, Cornell!


6 thoughts on “Cornell University Textile Collection

  1. j. gil c. says:

    um liz, if you ever want to make some contemporary battle hankies, just say the word. screenprinting: good for everything.

    • With Care says:

      Yes. Yes I do. I’m going to add it to the list of Mounting Obligation.

      Be prepared for you new nick name: “Gill Sans”. Because I like you every bit as much as I like that font.

      • j. gil c. says:

        YESSSSSSSS MY FAVORITE FONT (or at least one of my most useful ones)

        aaah I love that nickname

        aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so good blaaaaahhhhhhh

  2. melissa says:

    My eye totally spied washington and Lincoln!

  3. Shilo says:

    Um. WOW. Just wait until you see what I recently purchased.
    In more on-topic news, I *adore* the protection/labor/industries hankie with the red and blue stripe borders. Like, it’s a shame I’m already married because that means I can’t marry that hankie adore. It’s serious.

    • With Care says:

      Sounds like you need to have a serious and open discussion with your husband about your needs. I can’t wait to see your new purchase. Whatizit?

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