Winter Break.

Cold enough for you, guys?

Just kidding. I’m sick of that question. Today, during my 10 minute walk to work, I swear that my sinuses started freezing from the inside out- all the way up to my forehead. Dang that’s rough. This past week has been pretty busy. The early part of the week was spent diligently working up to Thursday, the night of our regional fashion show for I’m Your Present at Providence Style Week. I spent Friday indulging in the forbidden pleasures of sleeping until 1pm, taking a really long shower, eating boxed macaroni and cheese straight out of the pot I made it in, and listening to Kraftwerk’s Europe Endless on an annoying, repetitive loop. Mmmmmmmmm. The rest of the weekend included eating delicious sandwiches, reading books about buildings and sociology, and watching documentaries (King of Kong!) Louis Theroux’s documentaries have become so popular around this place that we simply refer to it as “watching a Louis”.

Despite the cold, the grim, New England winter gloom has yet to creep into life. I’m trying to dial back on jewelry work and just kind of mete out the new things that I’ve made. It’s kind of hard not to be obsessive about it. The idea that oh! If I could only do one more little thing, I would instantly be overwhelmingly successful! is a difficult one to break free from. I’ve read many a folk say that the worst part of working for yourself is that you never really get to stop working. Damn, is that true!

But, I did put some new rings up in the shop. Two are one of a kind!

On the good news tip, business has been up. Cool! It’s weird how even when you think that you are ready for successes, even small ones, actually achieving them can be kind of trip. This is nothing like what I’ve ever done before and it feels a bit like walking in space, sometimes.


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