Some people are so turned off by discomfort. As long as it isn’t watery eyes or heat with high humidity, I’d like to think that I have a great ally in that which keeps me from getting too comfy and complacent.

This in no way relates to the “Face Corset” series of works by artist Patrick Hartley.

I love seeing something weird and extreme done really well so that it avoids being schlock-y, niche-y or ham fisted. It’s like the difference between David Bowie as Aladdin Sane and some kid walking around the mall in poorly done corpse paint. Yes, it’s “weird” and “extreme” but those factors are second to just how well realized and produced these physical objects actually are. They came from their own reality where they made perfect sense.


Also, if you ever want to shower me with a big ticket item, a Patrick Hartley dissection set would be right up my alley:

You may enjoy Mr. Hartley’s work at



All images are from http://www.paddyhartley.com.


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