What’s in Your Record-Matic?

Last night, Dave came home with a super-fun present for us: a Record-matic! Are you familiar with the Record-matic system? YouTube embeds can help!

Seeing as our record player is a real, functioning member of our household and not a prop for photo shoots nor a weird item of  fetishization (and thus, never used) it gathers a lot of stray albums in, on and around it. So, a record holder is totally necessary. The bummer is that the Record-Matic hardly works as well as we can assume it did in the 1960s. No domino action here, friend. But in the interest of being nosy and voyeur-ish, let’s peep into the stack.

As I was organizing, the was a startling large Martin Denny content. Even I didn’t realize how many had trickled in! Mr. Denny assures that every wintery, post-snow shoveling pancake breakfast sounds like a Kodachrome island holiday. Endless sun and boozy drinks served in cored fruits! A macaw on every shoulder. He is the namesake of our dear little dog, after all.

So, you can see where this is going.

You know how you feel about whatever current indie band has the coyest and least offensive, thick-banged girl singer? That’s how I feel about Wendy Carlos. Sigh.

Plus a good smattering of Roxy Music, Electric Light Orchestra, and Soft Cell records. I think our preferences have been laid pretty bare. You can call it as you see it; we think pretty highly of our tastes.




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