A Solution.

As a follow up to last Monday’s grouse-a-rama, I submit to you, fair viewer, two “after” photos of consistently crummy quality:

Oh. Look. I have an opinion.

The red, glowing square under my elbow is a barber shop. Fascinating, no?

You guys! I like it so much more already! I did a preliminary pinning last night and decided that worm-waist had to go. Toodles. From waist band to head band in a couple measured snips. Ah. Nothing really feels like slicing into an expensive and unworn dress for the first time. Like taking the unmarked mystery allergy meds sitting in the bottom of my purse and knowing that my next half hour will find me either feeling awesome or face-down asleep where I sit.

It’s all cool, though. I feel awesome. I might change the buttons to red ones, but I am, otherwise, a far more happy dress owner. Eat it, clothing companies*


*Except for Saint James, who are free to send as many care packages as they like, as long as there are not from their god-awful women’s collection.

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