Letter Stamp Ingenuity.

You might not know that I have a real soft spot for do-it-yourself style stamp sets. I feel like my affections for my Labelon Custom Rubber Stamp Kit have come up before.

One thing I love about the Saver’s thrift store chain, maybe even the thing I love the most, are their little “bags of zen”- a hodge podge of small items that don’t really fit in with the larger house hold goods. They get bagged up into values of about $1.99 to $5.99 and hung up for viewing. One of the best joys of a trip to Saver’s is picking through those groupings and trying to figure out just what the curator was thinking, putting those items together. Sometimes, the zen of curation is a really far stretch. The bag that this stamp kit and birthday reminder notebook came seems pretty self explanatory. “It’s your birthday! I should send you a card!… which will get there too late, anyway. Why bother?”

Hunky dory! I tore that sucker open when I got home. All the pieces were there!

Except for the actual stamp part. Someone was too busy grooving on playing god to check out the merchandise, it seems.

Undaunted, I plucked the letters off of one of their little corrals and lined up my return address letters as if nothing was amiss. A little extra ink on the stamp pad and it worked perfectly!

At least I know who is responsible for this oversight:


One thought on “Letter Stamp Ingenuity.

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