P3, I Love Thee.

Guys, I am kind of falling in love with Christian Chensvold of the blog Ivy-Style.

The other day he posted about “shirt jewelry” and today he is posting a small history of eyeglass frame style that continues to beguile me: the P3.

Bestill my heart, you handsome devils, I was just considering how I wish to invest in a new pair of shades this summer. After some investigating a cheapo pair from a second-hand shop last spring, I have been pretty committed to the P3.

Shopping time?


I’m really liking the Francois Pinton frames but I fear looking a little too “Uncle Jerry Horn” with that highly rounded brow line.

The Classic P3 frame is a little bit more my speed. Ben Silver makes them in tortoise

and grey!


The general Ben Silver P3 is a little thicker in a frame, perfect for a pair of sunglasses.

all images from http://www.bensilver.com

And they come in blue… So I can match my glasses to my coat to my belt to my purse to many different pairs of shoes. I’m not shillin’ for Ben Silver but its like they know me. Too well. A little too well….



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