Thrift Score 2/21/11

Happy President’s Day, all.

A Monday off for the rest of government and office employed America means 50% sales at the Savers thrift store chain and a day spent digging for extra large t shirts for us working at the I’m Your Present factory. However, we have been known to mix business with pleasure (and cake and champagne.)

Woonsocket, RI Savers:

As a post-President’s Day treat, these photos will feature 100% more me. Lucky you.

This scarf was something like 69 cents before the 50%. It was my only purchase from this Savers and, swear to the sweet baby Jesus, some lady almost knocked me down as I was crouching to look at it. People usually don’t get that vicious at these things but this location was an exception.

Attleboro, MA Savers

Dig this full length, wool, navy and white houndstooth cape! Kind of like a swinging Carnaby Street grandma or an afterthought from the Anna Sui Fall 1991 collection. (We just got the Anna Sui career retrospective book at work! It’s good but needs more pictures. You can never have enough pictures!) $14.99 but with 50% off.


Providence, RI Savers

I originally purchased these vintage kid’s pajamas to poach ’em but I’m pretty chuffed that I am able wear them, too. Go shorties. It’s difficult to tell, but I think they were handmade. Despite the mismatched buttons, they show no real signs of wear or tear nor are there any labels. There are back shoulder darts, though- one of my favorite vintage clothing details. Up there with metal zippers. This set was $7.99 followed by 50% off for a whopping total of $4. I also bought a book at about UFOs, which is unpictured.

Hey, remember “Myspace”/helicopter style pictures? That was one of my favorite pop-culture aesthetic movements. I think I might have to resurrect it. Straighten that part, friend. We are only taking photos from high above at the next party or social gathering!


East Providence Savers

As if I wasn’t itching to get out of my snow boots, along come these seasonally inappropriate vintage Ferragamos. I love you, Salvatore. $4.99 with 50% off.

And then, rarest of the rare birds, I bought a belt.

Only the topmost belt came from this trip, costing about $2.99- pre 50% discount. The middle belt was hanging out on my dresser so I decided to show it off to y’all. Quite the traffic stopper, no? The last belt should actually be available from my shop any day now. It’s made from super soft, extra wide, vintage elastic and a standard belt closure.

I never thought that I would be highlighting my waist on the internet just as much as I never thought that I would intentionally buy a belt. For both of these things, I thank Sweden’s Miss Elsa Billgren, who continues to teach me about what happens when tight things intersect the middle of a body built not entirely unlike my own. Shazam, girl!



One thought on “Thrift Score 2/21/11

  1. meganwmoore says:

    If you’re not careful, someone is liable to take you on a carriage ride in that cape, miss.

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