Springtime for Friendship.

Corny, I know. However, for the first time in my memory, our old groundhog friend, Puxatony Phily has divined for us Americanos an early springtime. Woo hoo. Oh yeah. Thank goodness. Etcetera.

While the snow has been steadily retreating from my garden and compost pile (today, in fact, is the first day that there has been no snow in my garden plot since the day after Christmas) I have found that early spring is most present in my friendships- blossoming from inside their cold, winter dens. Hibernation seems like a trend that many New Englanders can get behind. Add to that no car and a poor public transportation system and the desire to curl up for a long winter’s nap is an obvious choice.

However, as soon as the days stretch themselves out a little further, communing with others seems like more and more of an attractive past time. It is wild to see how many people are walking the main streets on a 35 degree day versus a 50 degree day. A big difference, for sure. (Yet, female college students: please postpone tank tops and coochie cutters for at least another 3 months. Please….please.)

I’ve seen so many of my friends this past week. It has been so wonderful! Making things and eating things and going places and, naturally, gossiping. I can give myself over to work too easily so it is always good to know that I still am able to hang out, relax, and just pal around with folks of mutual admiration.

I know that I have posted all of these items on here before. In defense of this consumerist clip show, I am fond of my friends but I am also fond of friendship jewelry. Jewelry is ornament but, thank goodness, jewelry is also an awesome form of communication- a secret code of tie bars, National Honor Society rings, and 1″ band buttons. Traditional friendship necklaces have long featured a fractured heart but all of my relationships are greater than that singular whole. A friendship is not a closed system. Another person cannot complete you. Do not let top 40 radio tell you otherwise. Again with the pleading. Please…please.

I love these pairings because they compliment each other, as all good partnerships should. There is room for growth, change, and separation. Each piece stands well enough on its own but when they come together, ah!, they sure do look like something special.

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2 thoughts on “Springtime for Friendship.

  1. Tiffany Antonius says:

    Love those arrow necklaces, looking pretty cool. The boat in a bottle necklaces are fine too.

    I love these cryptic like necklaces and the vintage look.

    Tiffany @ Religious Necklaces

  2. With Care says:

    Thanks, Tiffany! And I love your religious necklaces (and bracelets!)

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