Bird Walk.

There has been so much business around here! I’m taking a wax casting class as well as trying to remember how HTML works. I finally updated my Mac OS from Tiger to Snow Leopard (just in time for Lion to come out, it seems) and was able to do so all by myself, with no problems. I’ve been curling my hair. I got another job.

That’s, like, at least 3 jobs right now. At one of them, I can’t yell out a stream of whatever-phobic curse words when I am frustrated but at least none of them strictly require the wearing of shoes.

These photos are from an adventure my friend Jess and I took a few weeks back. The weather had turned less winter-y and the clocks were freshly sprung forward. We hit up 2 bird sanctuaries just out of town to see what was up with nature. But, all we could really find were 2 dead birds, some bubbling mussels, a handful of bullet casings and a giant compost heap.

paper target bits behind target holder

the business end of the shooting range

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