This post is courtesy of my favorite Livejournal group, Vintage Photographs.

While I cannot internalize and then recite a concise blurb as to the tenants of Theosophy, I can share with you these beautiful postcard views of the Theosophical commune located in Point Loma in San Diego.

Allegedly, it was Lomaland where Theosophists introduced southern CA to the cultivation of the avocado.

For other long-vanished “White Cities” see also the 1893 Columbian Exposition* and Coney Island’s “Dreamland“**.




*Yes. I have read “The Devil in the White City” and thought that it was crap. Puns be damned, historical fiction is the lowest form of literature.

**Yeah. I read that one, too.

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2 thoughts on “Lomaland

  1. ksundberg says:

    Love the postcards! I am fascinated with Katherine Tingley and am currently doing a pathfinder project on her for school-came across your postcards, beautiful!

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